What is the correct spelling for ZIN?

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Correct spellings for ZIN

  • bin And when I thought I had lost your respect and your love, I no more thought of turning to the world for solace and happiness, than I would look in a coal-bin for diamonds. weil ich nur da richtig zu Hause bin weil ich Heimweh hab nach Berlin. – Heimweh Nach Berlin by Ina Deter
  • din The shout was heard above the tumult of the battle and the din in the city, and a head appeared at the window and looked down with a bewildered expression. and outside the gates, fate is closing in. You can turn us down but you can't deny the din. – Democracy In Kind by state radio
  • fin Looking up, Fin could see nothing between the head of the giant and the sky. backside of his fin! Look, Olaf, there's another, and another, and another! And the little one has got a funny grin! Look, Olaf, Olaf, Olaf! Way down underneath the water, it's the biggest – Viking Medley by Veggie Tales (Related Recordings)
  • gin For a week Jim was irregular and unsteady in his habits, when one night, full of gin and pride, he staggered up to a crowd which was surrounding his rival, and said in a loud voice, "James Johnsonham, Junior-how does that strike you?" Chasin St. Ide's down with some Seagrams Gin Life is like a dice game and I'm into win – Cradle to the Grave by Mobb Deep
  • in It's not in me. The court my voice shall echo in, An' - wha can tell? - Some ither day I may be yin O' you mysel'. – To The Commissioners Of Northern Lights by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • kin His bearing, too, was chivalrous and bold, his language full of poetry, and his manner of loving eager, impetuous, and of a kin to worship. The slew of sith and kin I drew in blood, my veins in thrall To deathugees at peace within Crotesques, wolves in womens skins – Tortured Soul Asylum by cradle of filth
  • lin He concealed nothing, not even about Lin Soo.
  • min I often used to think of him, and wonder if he found his old father and mother alive; and if they were glad to see him; and often, when I turned out a cup of tea, I laughed aloud to think of poor Min -Yung's horrid grimace, when I offered him some.
  • pin A thrill of fear ran through the audience, and one might have heard a pin drop.
  • sin Is it not a sin to make a living creature?
  • tin Martin, you've got to believe me!
  • win He had done as much as any to win the fight.
  • zen Don't you know Janzen?"
  • zinc Zinc and lead, I believe; the old man made it in.
  • zing Such a zing 'as happened nevair before.
  • zion Then said Mr. Mnason, as he held out his hand to point to Christiana: My friends, I have guests here who are on their way to Zion .
  • zip "Oh, dear me, Zip ," cried Ida instantly.
  • zn zn. Zona radiata.
  • Yin Out of its atmosphere of love and mercy toward all beings has developed Kuan Yin , the ideal of Chinese womanhood, the goddess of Mercy, who embodies the Chinese ideal of beauty, filial piety and compassion toward the weak and suffering.
  • ZIT This Emperour Prestre John is Cristene; and a gret partie of his contree also; but zit thei have not alle the articles of oure feythe, as wee have.
  • zine Executive branch: chief of state: President Zine El Abidine BEN ALI (since 7 November 1987) head of government: Prime Minister Mohamed GHANNOUCHI (since 17 November 1999) cabinet: Council of Ministers appointed by the president elections: president elected by popular vote for a five-year term; election last held 24 October 1999 (next to be held NA 2004); prime minister appointed by the president election results: President Zine El Abidine BEN ALI reelected for a third term without opposition; percent of vote - Zine El Abidine BEN ALI nearly 100%