How Do You Spell MISTING?

The word "misting" is spelled phonetically as /ˈmɪstɪŋ/. It represents the process of spraying small droplets of water into the air to create a fine mist. The pronunciation of "misting" starts with the consonant sound 'm' followed by the short vowel sound 'i', and ends with 'sting', which rhymes with 'blasting'. It's important to spell "misting" correctly to convey the meaning accurately and to avoid any confusion with similar-sounding words like "missing" or "mysting".

Top Common Misspellings for MISTING *

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Other Common Misspellings for MISTING

10 words made out of letters MISTING

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Conjugate verb Misting


I would mist
we would mist
you would mist
he/she/it would mist
they would mist


I will mist
we will mist
you will mist
he/she/it will mist
they will mist


I will have misted
we will have misted
you will have misted
he/she/it will have misted
they will have misted


I misted
we misted
you misted
he/she/it misted
they misted


I had misted
we had misted
you had misted
he/she/it had misted
they had misted


I mist
we mist
you mist
he/she/it mists
they mist


I have misted
we have misted
you have misted
he/she/it has misted
they have misted
I am misting
we are misting
you are misting
he/she/it is misting
they are misting
I was misting
we were misting
you were misting
he/she/it was misting
they were misting
I will be misting
we will be misting
you will be misting
he/she/it will be misting
they will be misting
I have been misting
we have been misting
you have been misting
he/she/it has been misting
they have been misting
I had been misting
we had been misting
you had been misting
he/she/it had been misting
they had been misting
I will have been misting
we will have been misting
you will have been misting
he/she/it will have been misting
they will have been misting
I would have misted
we would have misted
you would have misted
he/she/it would have misted
they would have misted
I would be misting
we would be misting
you would be misting
he/she/it would be misting
they would be misting
I would have been misting
we would have been misting
you would have been misting
he/she/it would have been misting
they would have been misting


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