How Do You Spell MLA?

Pronunciation: [ˌɛmˌɛlˈe͡ɪ] (IPA)

MLA is an acronym for Modern Language Association, which is a popular citation and writing style used in academic papers. The word is spelled by pronouncing each letter separately, as /ɛm/ /ɛl/ /eɪ/. The first two letters refer to the abbreviation for the word "modern," while the last letter represents the word "association." MLA provides guidelines and rules for referencing sources and formatting research papers. It is widely used by students, researchers, and scholars in the humanities and social sciences.

MLA Meaning and Definition

  1. MLA is an acronym that stands for Modern Language Association. It is a renowned organization in the field of English literature and language studies. The Modern Language Association is primarily known for its creation and maintenance of the MLA Style, which is a widely-used system for formatting academic papers, essays, and research papers, particularly in the humanities disciplines.

    In the MLA Style, various guidelines are provided for citation and documentation, including rules for in-text citations, works cited page formatting, and overall paper structure. The MLA Style ensures consistency, clarity, and credibility in academic writing, enabling writers to effectively acknowledge the sources they have used and avoid plagiarism. The MLA Style is updated regularly to adapt to changing technologies and research practices.

    Moreover, the MLA also publishes the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, which serves as a comprehensive guide to the MLA Style and provides detailed instructions on writing and citing sources in MLA format. The handbook covers various topics such as formatting guidelines, grammar and punctuation rules, as well as strategies for research and writing.

    Furthermore, the Modern Language Association hosts an annual convention, which brings together scholars, researchers, and educators from around the globe to discuss and present their work in the fields of English language, literature, and related disciplines. The convention features panels, presentations, and workshops on a wide range of topics, contributing to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in these fields.

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