How Do You Spell MONA?

Correct spelling for the English word "mona" is [m_ˈəʊ_n_ə], [mˈə͡ʊnə], [mˈə‍ʊnə]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for MONA

Below is the list of 417 misspellings for the word "mona".

Similar spelling words for MONA

Plural form of MONA is MONAS

Definition of MONA

  1. A small, handsome, long-tailed West American monkey (Cercopithecus mona). The body is dark olive, with a spot of white on the haunches.

Anagrams of MONA

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Usage Examples for MONA

  1. Over the mantlepiece of the principal room Jenny saw Mona Lisa and drew back so quickly that she trod on Lilli's foot. - "Carnival" by Compton Mackenzie
  2. What was it you wanted to say, Mona? - "You Never Know Your Luck, Complete Being The Story Of A Matrimonial Deserter" by Gilbert Parker Last Updated: March 14, 2009

What does mona stand for?

Abbreviation MONA means:

  1. Museum of Northwest Art
  2. Morphine Oxygen Nitroglycerin and Aspirin