How Do You Spell MOVED?

Correct spelling for the English word "moved" is [m_ˈuː_v_d], [mˈuːvd], [mˈuːvd]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Definition of MOVED

  1. emotionally moved; "too moved to speak"

Common Misspellings for MOVED

Below is the list of 292 misspellings for the word "moved".

Usage Examples for MOVED

  1. Kosmaroff moved towards the door. - "The Vultures" by Henry Seton Merriman
  2. I do as many quick- moved things as some, but I allus try, first, to give a look around. - "Friendship Village" by Zona Gale
  3. And Lady Tranmore moved away. - "The Marriage of William Ashe" by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  4. He moved a little towards her. - "A People's Man" by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  5. In three years he moved his family out. - "Children of the Tenements" by Jacob A. Riis

Conjugate verb Moved


I would move
we would move
you would move
he/she/it would move
they would move


I will move
we will move
you will move
he/she/it will move
they will move


I will have moved
we will have moved
you will have moved
he/she/it will have moved
they will have moved


I moved
we moved
you moved
he/she/it moved
they moved


I had moved
we had moved
you had moved
he/she/it had moved
they had moved


I move
we move
you move
he/she/it moves
they move


I have moved
we have moved
you have moved
he/she/it has moved
they have moved
I am moving
we are moving
you are moving
he/she/it is moving
they are moving
I was moving
we were moving
you were moving
he/she/it was moving
they were moving
I will be moving
we will be moving
you will be moving
he/she/it will be moving
they will be moving
I have been moving
we have been moving
you have been moving
he/she/it has been moving
they have been moving
I had been moving
we had been moving
you had been moving
he/she/it had been moving
they had been moving
I will have been moving
we will have been moving
you will have been moving
he/she/it will have been moving
they will have been moving
I would have moved
we would have moved
you would have moved
he/she/it would have moved
they would have moved
I would be moving
we would be moving
you would be moving
he/she/it would be moving
they would be moving
I would have been moving
we would have been moving
you would have been moving
he/she/it would have been moving
they would have been moving