How Do You Spell MURIEL?

Correct spelling for the English word "Muriel" is [mjˈʊɹiːə͡l], [mjˈʊɹiːə‍l], [m_j_ˈʊ_ɹ_iː__əl]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for MURIEL

Below is the list of 270 misspellings for the word "muriel".

Usage Examples for MURIEL

  1. Muriel Colwood had at once perceived it; Marsham had been sometimes puzzled by the signs of it. - "The Testing of Diana Mallory" by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  2. At this time it was Mr. and Mrs. Henry White who represented the United States, and won the hearts of all Rome as well, and assisted by their charming daughter, Miss Muriel White, they made this ball an affair to leave its lovely pictures in memory. - "Italy, the Magic Land" by Lilian Whiting
  3. " I'll see to it myself," declared Muriel. - "Marjorie Dean, College Sophomore" by Pauline Lester
  4. Muriel studied his disturbed face with a twinkle of amusement. - "The Girl From Keller's Sadie's Conquest" by Harold Bindloss