How Do You Spell N?

Correct spelling for the English word "N" is [ˈɛn], [ˈɛn], [ˈɛ_n]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for N

Below is the list of 286 misspellings for the word "n".

Similar spelling words for N

Plural form of N is N'S OR NS

Definition of N

  1. letter(pl. Ns, N\'s). (Print.) n(also en) unit of measurement; (Math.) indefinite number(to the nth, to any required power, also fig. to any extent, to the utmost); N-rays, N-rays, forms of radiation. Abbreviations(1): N.: National, as N.L.C. (Liberal Club), N.L.F. (Liberal Federation), N.S.P.C.C. (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children); Natural, N.O.(rder); New, as N.F.(oundland), N.H.(ampshire), N.J.(ersey), N.Mex.(ico), N.S.(tyle), N.S.W.(South Wales), N.T.(estament), N.Y.(ork), N.Z.(ealand); non, N.C.O.(-commissioned officer); North, as N.B.(ritain), N.C.(arolina), N.Dak.(ota), N. & N.E.(ast) & N.W.(est) as points of compass& as London postal districts, N.W.Provencal-( inces); not, N.S.(ufficient); Nota, N.B.(ene); Nova, N.S.(cotia). n.: neuter; no, n.d.(ate); noon; noun. Abbreviations(2): Nah.(um); Nebr.(aska); Neh.(emiah); nem.(ine) con.(tradicente); nem.(ine) dis.(sentiente); Nev.(ada); No, Nos, number(s); Northants., Northampton-shire; Northumb.(erland): Norvic., bishop of Norwich; Notts., Nottinghamshire; Num.(bers, O.-T. book).

What does N stand for?

Abbreviation N means:

  1. Send Sequence Number
  2. Transmitter Receive Sequence Number