How Do You Spell NABS?

Pronunciation: [nˈabz] (IPA)

The word "nabs" is spelled with four letters and is pronounced as /næbz/ in IPA phonetic transcription. The 'n' is pronounced with the tip of the tongue touching the back of the upper front teeth, while the 'a' is pronounced with the mouth slightly open and the tongue in a central position. The 'b' is a voiced bilabial stop, pronounced by pressing the lips together and then releasing them, and the 's' is a voiceless alveolar fricative, produced by forcing air through a narrow slit between the tongue and the roof of the mouth.

NABS Meaning and Definition

  1. Nabs is a verb commonly used in informal speech and informal writing to refer to the action of capturing or seizing something or someone swiftly and skillfully. It often implies a quick or unexpected move in order to catch or obtain something desired or sought after.

    In a literal sense, the term "nabs" can be used to describe apprehending or catching someone in the act of wrongdoing, often by authorities or law enforcement officers. This can include capturing criminals, thieves, or individuals engaged in illegal activities.

    In a more figurative sense, "nabs" can also refer to obtaining or acquiring something desirable or valuable by acting quickly or cleverly. This can involve seizing an opportunity, winning a competition, or successfully obtaining an item or goal that is difficult to secure.

    The word "nabs" conveys a sense of speed, agility, and shrewdness in achieving the intended outcome. It suggests a level of adroitness or skill necessary to accomplish the task at hand. The term is typically used in casual or colloquial contexts, with a colloquial connotation of accomplishment or success in obtaining something or someone.

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Etymology of NABS

The word "nabs" originates from Middle English, specifically from the word "nappe", which meant "tablecloth" or "napkin". Over time, "nabs" evolved into a dialectal noun in northern England and Scotland, referring to a light snack or finger food. It eventually became more widely used to describe small, bite-sized treats commonly consumed between meals. The term "nabs" is particularly associated with the American South, where it is still used to refer to various types of packaged crackers, cookies, or snacks.

Similar spelling word for NABS

Conjugate verb Nabs


I would nab
we would nab
you would nab
he/she/it would nab
they would nab


I will nab
we will nab
you will nab
he/she/it will nab
they will nab


I will have nabbed
we will have nabbed
you will have nabbed
he/she/it will have nabbed
they will have nabbed


I nabbed
we nabbed
you nabbed
he/she/it nabbed
they nabbed


I had nabbed
we had nabbed
you had nabbed
he/she/it had nabbed
they had nabbed


I nab
we nab
you nab
he/she/it nabs
they nab


I have nabbed
we have nabbed
you have nabbed
he/she/it has nabbed
they have nabbed
I am nabbing
we are nabbing
you are nabbing
he/she/it is nabbing
they are nabbing
I was nabbing
we were nabbing
you were nabbing
he/she/it was nabbing
they were nabbing
I will be nabbing
we will be nabbing
you will be nabbing
he/she/it will be nabbing
they will be nabbing
I have been nabbing
we have been nabbing
you have been nabbing
he/she/it has been nabbing
they have been nabbing
I had been nabbing
we had been nabbing
you had been nabbing
he/she/it had been nabbing
they had been nabbing
I will have been nabbing
we will have been nabbing
you will have been nabbing
he/she/it will have been nabbing
they will have been nabbing
I would have nabbed
we would have nabbed
you would have nabbed
he/she/it would have nabbed
they would have nabbed
I would be nabbing
we would be nabbing
you would be nabbing
he/she/it would be nabbing
they would be nabbing
I would have been nabbing
we would have been nabbing
you would have been nabbing
he/she/it would have been nabbing
they would have been nabbing


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