How Do You Spell NAQISHA?

Pronunciation: [nakˈiːʃə] (IPA)

The word "naqisha" can be spelled as /nəˈkiːʃə/ using IPA phonetic transcription. The first syllable starts with the schwa sound /ə/ followed by the sound /k/ for the second syllable. The third syllable comprises the sound /iː/ as in "me" and the fourth syllable features the /ʃ/ sound as in "shoe". The final syllable consists of the schwa sound /ə/ again. With its unique combination of sounds, "naqisha" offers a distinct challenge for individuals trying to spell it correctly.

Common Misspellings for NAQISHA

  • baqisha
  • maqisha
  • jaqisha
  • haqisha
  • nzqisha
  • nsqisha
  • nwqisha
  • nqqisha
  • na1isha
  • na2isha
  • nawisha
  • naaisha
  • naqusha
  • naqjsha
  • naqksha
  • naqosha
  • naq9sha
  • naq8sha
  • naqiaha
  • naqizha


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