How Do You Spell NARGILE?

Pronunciation: [nˈɑːd͡ʒa͡ɪl] (IPA)

The spelling of the word "Nargile" can be a bit confusing due to its origins in Turkish. In IPA phonetic transcription, it is pronounced as /nɑː(d)ʒiːlə/ where the "a" is pronounced as "ah" and the "e" at the end is almost silent. This word refers to a water pipe used for smoking tobacco, also known as a hookah. "Nargile" is sometimes spelled as "narghile", "argileh" or "shisha" depending on the region where it is being used.

NARGILE Meaning and Definition

  1. Nargile, also known as hookah or shisha, refers to a traditional Middle Eastern smoking device used for smoking flavored tobacco. The term "nargile" is derived from the Persian word "nārghile," which means coconut. The name is connected to the design of the original nargiles, where the bowl was made from a coconut shell.

    The nargile typically consists of several components: a tobacco bowl, a base filled with water, one or more hoses, and a mouthpiece. To use a nargile, tobacco mixed with molasses and various flavors, such as apple, mint, or grape, is placed in the bowl. The tobacco is then heated using coal or charcoal, which creates smoke that passes through the water and into the hose, delivering a cooled and flavored smoke for inhalation.

    Nargiles have a long history and cultural significance in many Middle Eastern countries, where they are often shared among friends or family members as a social activity. While traditionally made from materials like glass, clay, or metal, modern nargiles can also be made from acrylic or other materials, with a variety of ornate designs and patterns.

    It is important to note that smoking nargiles, like any form of smoking, carries health risks due to the inhalation of smoke and nicotine. Despite its cultural significance, it is crucial to practice moderation and take necessary precautions for an enjoyable and safe experience when using a nargile.

  2. In Turkey, a smoking apparatus in which the smoke is passed through water by means of a long tube in order to cool it.

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Etymology of NARGILE

The word "Nargile" is derived from the Persian word "nārgil" (نارگیل), which itself comes from the Sanskrit word "nārikela" (नारिकेल). The term refers to a type of water pipe used for smoking flavored tobacco. It is believed that the word was introduced to Persia through trade and cultural interactions with India, where coconuts (nārikela) were hollowed out and used as smoking pipes. Over time, the word and the practice of smoking through a water pipe spread to other regions, including the Ottoman Empire, where it became popular and is still widely used today. In different cultures and languages, variations of the word include "narghile", "argileh", "shisha", or "hookah".

Plural form of NARGILE is NARGILES


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