How Do You Spell NEARED?

Correct spelling for the English word "Neared" is [n_ˈiə_d], [nˈi͡əd], [nˈi‍əd]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for NEARED

Below is the list of 152 misspellings for the word "neared".

Definition of NEARED

  1. of Near

Anagrams of NEARED

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Usage Examples for NEARED

  1. As I neared the curve, a rather sharp curve, too, I remember the lights on my own car were shining on the white fence that edged the river side of the road. - "Guy Garrick" by Arthur B. Reeve
  2. I think the train had neared Dawlish before the cigar was fairly started, and his pink face hidden behind the pink newspaper. - "The Delectable Duchy" by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

Conjugate verb Neared


I would near
we would near
you would near
he/she/it would near
they would near


I will near
we will near
you will near
he/she/it will near
they will near


I will have neared
we will have neared
you will have neared
he/she/it will have neared
they will have neared


I neared
we neared
you neared
he/she/it neared
they neared


I had neared
we had neared
you had neared
he/she/it had neared
they had neared


I near
we near
you near
he/she/it nears
they near


I have neared
we have neared
you have neared
he/she/it has neared
they have neared
I am nearing
we are nearing
you are nearing
he/she/it is nearing
they are nearing
I was nearing
we were nearing
you were nearing
he/she/it was nearing
they were nearing
I will be nearing
we will be nearing
you will be nearing
he/she/it will be nearing
they will be nearing
I have been nearing
we have been nearing
you have been nearing
he/she/it has been nearing
they have been nearing
I had been nearing
we had been nearing
you had been nearing
he/she/it had been nearing
they had been nearing
I will have been nearing
we will have been nearing
you will have been nearing
he/she/it will have been nearing
they will have been nearing
I would have neared
we would have neared
you would have neared
he/she/it would have neared
they would have neared
I would be nearing
we would be nearing
you would be nearing
he/she/it would be nearing
they would be nearing
I would have been nearing
we would have been nearing
you would have been nearing
he/she/it would have been nearing
they would have been nearing