How Do You Spell NEEDING?

Pronunciation: [nˈiːdɪŋ] (IPA)

The word "needing" is spelled with two vowels, "e" and "i," followed by the consonant "d." The IPA phonetic transcription for "needing" is /ˈniːdɪŋ/. The primary stress is on the first syllable "nee," which is pronounced with a long "e" sound /ni:/, followed by the second syllable "-ding," which is pronounced with a short "i" sound /ɪŋ/. The word "needing" is commonly used to describe a situation where someone requires something or is lacking something essential.

NEEDING Meaning and Definition

Needing is the present participle of the verb need. It refers to the state or condition of requiring something essential or necessary for one's well-being or functioning. Used as a verb, needing implies a strong desire or demand for a particular thing or action.

In a general sense, needing conveys a sense of lacking or being deprived of something that is essential or crucial. It signifies a state of dependence or reliance on something or someone to fulfill a particular purpose or to address an inherent lack. The object of need may vary greatly, ranging from tangible items such as food, shelter, or clothing, to intangible elements like love, support, or recognition.

Being in a needing state often implies a high level of urgency or importance attached to the thing or action required. It reflects an intense longing or yearning for that which is missing or insufficient. In this sense, needing can also connote vulnerability or a sense of powerlessness, as it reveals a reliance on external sources to meet one's requirements.

Overall, needing encapsulates the idea of a deep necessity or essential requirement for something vital to sustain, support, or improve the quality of an individual's life or circumstances. It is a fundamental concept that touches upon our innate human dependence on various resources and relationships to fulfill our basic or advanced needs.

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Etymology of NEEDING

The word "needing" is the present participle form of the verb "need". The word "need" originates from the Old English word "nēd", which can be traced back to the Proto-Germanic word "*naudiz". This Proto-Germanic term evolved into various related words in different Germanic languages, such as "not" in Old High German, "nöd" in Swedish, and "need" in Middle Dutch. The root of the word can be traced even further back to the Proto-Indo-European root "*neuti-", meaning "to press" or "force". Over time, the word "need" evolved to its present form, and "needing" became the gerund form of the verb.

Conjugate verb Needing


I would need
we would need
you would need
he/she/it would need
they would need


I will need
we will need
you will need
he/she/it will need
they will need


I will have needed
we will have needed
you will have needed
he/she/it will have needed
they will have needed


I needed
we needed
you needed
he/she/it needed
they needed


I had needed
we had needed
you had needed
he/she/it had needed
they had needed


I need
we need
you need
he/she/it needs
they need


I have needed
we have needed
you have needed
he/she/it has needed
they have needed
I am needing
we are needing
you are needing
he/she/it is needing
they are needing
I was needing
we were needing
you were needing
he/she/it was needing
they were needing
I will be needing
we will be needing
you will be needing
he/she/it will be needing
they will be needing
I have been needing
we have been needing
you have been needing
he/she/it has been needing
they have been needing
I had been needing
we had been needing
you had been needing
he/she/it had been needing
they had been needing
I will have been needing
we will have been needing
you will have been needing
he/she/it will have been needing
they will have been needing
I would have needed
we would have needed
you would have needed
he/she/it would have needed
they would have needed
I would be needing
we would be needing
you would be needing
he/she/it would be needing
they would be needing
I would have been needing
we would have been needing
you would have been needing
he/she/it would have been needing
they would have been needing


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