How Do You Spell NEEDS?

Correct spelling for the English word "needs" is [n_ˈiː_d_z], [nˈiːdz], [nˈiːdz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for NEEDS

Below is the list of 232 misspellings for the word "needs".

Similar spelling word for NEEDS

Definition of NEEDS

  1. Of necessity; necessarily; indispensably; -- often with must, and equivalent to of need.

Anagrams of NEEDS

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Usage Examples for NEEDS

  1. Lost Chief needs him. - "Judith of the Godless Valley" by Honoré Willsie
  2. Almost nobody needs rest. - "Together" by Robert Herrick (1868-1938)
  3. I would give him whatever he needed, but he needs nothing. - "Don Orsino" by F. Marion Crawford
  4. This is a question which needs an answer. - "What is Darwinism?" by Charles Hodge
  5. She needs but a little money and so occasionally does a little work. - "The Salamander" by Owen Johnson

What does needs stand for?

Abbreviation NEEDS means:

  1. New Energy Externalities Developments for Sustainability
  2. National Ecological And Environmental Delivery Service

Conjugate verb Needs


I would need
we would need
you would need
he/she/it would need
they would need


I will need
we will need
you will need
he/she/it will need
they will need


I will have needed
we will have needed
you will have needed
he/she/it will have needed
they will have needed


I needed
we needed
you needed
he/she/it needed
they needed


I had needed
we had needed
you had needed
he/she/it had needed
they had needed


I need
we need
you need
he/she/it needs
they need


I have needed
we have needed
you have needed
he/she/it has needed
they have needed
I am needing
we are needing
you are needing
he/she/it is needing
they are needing
I was needing
we were needing
you were needing
he/she/it was needing
they were needing
I will be needing
we will be needing
you will be needing
he/she/it will be needing
they will be needing
I have been needing
we have been needing
you have been needing
he/she/it has been needing
they have been needing
I had been needing
we had been needing
you had been needing
he/she/it had been needing
they had been needing
I will have been needing
we will have been needing
you will have been needing
he/she/it will have been needing
they will have been needing
I would have needed
we would have needed
you would have needed
he/she/it would have needed
they would have needed
I would be needing
we would be needing
you would be needing
he/she/it would be needing
they would be needing
I would have been needing
we would have been needing
you would have been needing
he/she/it would have been needing
they would have been needing