How Do You Spell NEER?

The word "Neer" is spelled using the IPA phonetic transcription /nɪər/. It is pronounced with a short 'i' sound in the first syllable and an 'air' sound in the second syllable. This spelling could easily be mistaken for "near", which is pronounced the same way, but the difference in spelling is important to distinguishing the meaning of the word. "Neer" is a less common spelling of the word "near" and is often used in poetry or other forms of creative writing.

Common Misspellings for NEER

  • neelgha u
  • nrer
  • n4er
  • n3er
  • ne4r
  • ne3r
  • nee5
  • nweer
  • ndeer
  • n4eer
  • ne4er
  • n3eer
  • ne3er
  • neewr
  • neesr
  • neerr
  • nee4r
  • nee3r
  • neefr
  • neerf
  • neetr
  • neert
  • nee5r
  • neer5
  • neer4
  • nneer
  • Neur
  • Nemr
  • Nee2
  • Neez
  • n eer
  • ne er
  • nee r

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