Pronunciation: [nˈe͡ɪbəɹɪŋ] (IPA)

The word "neighboring" is spelled with the letter "h" in the middle, despite its pronunciation. The IPA phonetic transcription for this word is /ˈneɪ.bər.ɪŋ/. The "gh" is silent, so it is not necessary to pronounce it. The primary stress is on the second syllable, so it is pronounced with a long "a" sound. Remembering the spelling of this word can be tricky due to the silent letter, so it is important to double-check when writing it.

NEIGHBORING Meaning and Definition

  1. Neighboring is an adjective that refers to something or someone that is adjacent or close in proximity to another thing or person. It describes the relationship between two or more entities that are geographically or physically near to each other.

    In terms of geographical locations, neighboring refers to places that share a border, boundary, or are located in close proximity to each other. This can apply to countries, states, cities, towns, or even neighborhoods within a city. For example, the neighboring countries of the United States are Canada and Mexico.

    Neighboring can also describe the relationships between people or things. It signifies the immediate or close association between individuals, groups, or objects. For instance, neighboring houses are those that are situated next to or near each other within a residential area.

    Additionally, neighboring can also denote similarities or shared characteristics between different entities. This could be used to describe items or ideas that share similarities or are closely related. For instance, neighboring genres in music refer to musical styles that are closely connected or have overlapping elements, such as rock and punk.

    Overall, neighboring implies a close proximity, whether physical, geographical, or in terms of relationships, and highlights the close association or similarity between two or more entities.

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Etymology of NEIGHBORING

The word "neighboring" comes from the noun "neighbor" combined with the suffix "-ing".

The noun "neighbor" originated from the Old English word "neahgebūr" which combines "neah" meaning "near" and "gebūr" meaning "dweller" or "inhabitant". It referred to someone who lived close by or adjacent to another person.

The suffix "-ing" in English is a common grammatical addition that forms a present participle or gerund, indicating the continuous or ongoing nature of an action. In the case of "neighboring", it means "the act of being a neighbor" or "engaging in neighborly behavior".

So, the word "neighboring" essentially means "the action of being or behaving like a neighbor" or "adjacent to or close by in proximity".

Similar spelling words for NEIGHBORING

Conjugate verb Neighboring


I would neighbor
we would neighbor
you would neighbor
he/she/it would neighbor
they would neighbor


I will neighbor
we will neighbor
you will neighbor
he/she/it will neighbor
they will neighbor


I will have neighbored
we will have neighbored
you will have neighbored
he/she/it will have neighbored
they will have neighbored


I neighbored
we neighbored
you neighbored
he/she/it neighbored
they neighbored


I had neighbored
we had neighbored
you had neighbored
he/she/it had neighbored
they had neighbored


I neighbor
we neighbor
you neighbor
he/she/it neighbors
they neighbor


I have neighbored
we have neighbored
you have neighbored
he/she/it has neighbored
they have neighbored
I am neighboring
we are neighboring
you are neighboring
he/she/it is neighboring
they are neighboring
I was neighboring
we were neighboring
you were neighboring
he/she/it was neighboring
they were neighboring
I will be neighboring
we will be neighboring
you will be neighboring
he/she/it will be neighboring
they will be neighboring
I have been neighboring
we have been neighboring
you have been neighboring
he/she/it has been neighboring
they have been neighboring
I had been neighboring
we had been neighboring
you had been neighboring
he/she/it had been neighboring
they had been neighboring
I will have been neighboring
we will have been neighboring
you will have been neighboring
he/she/it will have been neighboring
they will have been neighboring
I would have neighbored
we would have neighbored
you would have neighbored
he/she/it would have neighbored
they would have neighbored
I would be neighboring
we would be neighboring
you would be neighboring
he/she/it would be neighboring
they would be neighboring
I would have been neighboring
we would have been neighboring
you would have been neighboring
he/she/it would have been neighboring
they would have been neighboring


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