How Do You Spell NERVES?

Correct spelling for the English word "nerves" is [n_ˈɜː_v_z], [nˈɜːvz], [nˈɜːvz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for NERVES

Below is the list of 192 misspellings for the word "nerves".

Similar spelling words for NERVES

Plural form of NERVES is NERVES

Definition of NERVES

  1. control of your emotions; "this kind of tension is not good for my nerves"

Anagrams of NERVES

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Usage Examples for NERVES

  1. It gets on my nerves to see how she has slipped out of every- day life. - "The Ranch at the Wolverine" by B. M. Bower
  2. I confess to you that there were times when my nerves were absolutely gone. - "The Soul of the War" by Philip Gibbs

Conjugate verb Nerves


I would nerve
we would nerve
you would nerve
he/she/it would nerve
they would nerve


I will nerve
we will nerve
you will nerve
he/she/it will nerve
they will nerve


I will have nerved
we will have nerved
you will have nerved
he/she/it will have nerved
they will have nerved


I nerved
we nerved
you nerved
he/she/it nerved
they nerved


I had nerved
we had nerved
you had nerved
he/she/it had nerved
they had nerved


I nerve
we nerve
you nerve
he/she/it nerves
they nerve


I have nerved
we have nerved
you have nerved
he/she/it has nerved
they have nerved
I am nerving
we are nerving
you are nerving
he/she/it is nerving
they are nerving
I was nerving
we were nerving
you were nerving
he/she/it was nerving
they were nerving
I will be nerving
we will be nerving
you will be nerving
he/she/it will be nerving
they will be nerving
I have been nerving
we have been nerving
you have been nerving
he/she/it has been nerving
they have been nerving
I had been nerving
we had been nerving
you had been nerving
he/she/it had been nerving
they had been nerving
I will have been nerving
we will have been nerving
you will have been nerving
he/she/it will have been nerving
they will have been nerving
I would have nerved
we would have nerved
you would have nerved
he/she/it would have nerved
they would have nerved
I would be nerving
we would be nerving
you would be nerving
he/she/it would be nerving
they would be nerving
I would have been nerving
we would have been nerving
you would have been nerving
he/she/it would have been nerving
they would have been nerving