How Do You Spell NGEE?

The spelling of the word "ngee" is derived from the Indonesian language. It is pronounced as /ŋiː/, which means that the initial sound is the velar nasal sound found in words like "sing" or "ring." The second sound is the long "ee" sound, similar to the "i" sound in "ski." The combination of these two sounds creates a unique pronunciation for this word. Although uncommon in English, the spelling and pronunciation of "ngee" are familiar to speakers of Indonesian.

Common Misspellings for NGEE

  • ng4e
  • nge4
  • hngee
  • ngfee
  • nygee
  • ngyee
  • ngwee
  • ngdee
  • ng4ee
  • nge4e
  • ng3ee
  • nge3e
  • ngee4
  • ngee3
  • n gee
  • ng ee
  • nge e

11 words made out of letters NGEE

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