How Do You Spell NGUNI?

The word "nguni" refers to a group of Bantu-speaking peoples in Southern Africa. Its pronunciation is ['ŋuːni], with the first sound being the "ng" sound as pronounced in the word "sing". The IPA phonetic transcription for this sound is [ŋ]. The "u" in "nguni" is pronounced as a long vowel sound [uː], and the final "i" as a short vowel sound [ɪ]. Therefore, the correct spelling of the word is "nguni", with the "ng" sound being the most distinct characteristic.

Common Misspellings for NGUNI

  • bguni
  • mguni
  • jguni
  • hguni
  • nfuni
  • nvuni
  • nbuni
  • nhuni
  • nyuni
  • ntuni
  • ngyni
  • nghni
  • ngjni
  • ngini
  • ng8ni
  • ng7ni
  • ngubi
  • ngumi
  • nguji

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