How Do You Spell NGWEE?

The spelling of the Zambian currency unit, "ngwee," can be a bit confusing. It is pronounced /ŋwɛ/ using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), which represents the sound of the letter "ng." This sound is a nasal consonant that is made by blocking the flow of air in the mouth and releasing it through the nose. The "wee" part is pronounced as it appears in English. So, the next time you're speaking about Zambian currency, be sure to use the correct pronunciation and spelling of "ngwee."

Common Misspellings for NGWEE

  • bgwee
  • mgwee
  • jgwee
  • hgwee
  • nfwee
  • nvwee
  • nbwee
  • nhwee
  • nywee
  • ntwee
  • ngqee
  • ngaee
  • ngsee
  • ngeee
  • ng3ee
  • ng2ee
  • ngwwe
  • ngwse
  • ngwde
  • mngwee

Similar spelling words for NGWEE

Plural form of NGWEE is NGWEE

24 words made out of letters NGWEE

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