How Do You Spell NIM?

The word "nim" is spelled with three letters - N, I, and M. It is pronounced as /nɪm/, with a short "i" sound and a soft "m" at the end. The spelling of the word is straightforward and easy to remember. "Nim" is defined as a game in which players take turns removing objects from a pile, with the objective of leaving fewer and fewer objects for the opponent to remove. The word can also be used as a verb, meaning to take something quickly or to be quick and agile.

Common Misspellings for NIM

  • njm
  • nkm
  • n9m
  • n8m
  • bnim
  • nbim
  • nmim
  • jnim
  • njim
  • hnim
  • nhim
  • nuim
  • nijm
  • nkim
  • noim
  • niom
  • n9im
  • ni9m
  • n8im
  • ni8m
  • ninm
  • nimk
  • nimj
  • nnim
  • niim
  • nimm
  • oim
  • nmm
  • n im
  • ni m

Similar spelling words for NIM

Plural form of NIM is NIMS

7 words made out of letters NIM

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