How Do You Spell NITIDOUS?

Pronunciation: [nɪtˈɪdəs] (IPA)

Correct spelling for the English word "nitidous" is [nɪtˈɪdəs], [nɪtˈɪdəs], [n_ɪ_t_ˈɪ_d_ə_s] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

NITIDOUS Meaning and Definition

Nitidous is an adjective that describes something or someone as shining, glossy, or lustrous in appearance. The term is often used to depict objects or surfaces that display a clean and polished state, emanating a radiant or gleaming quality. Nitidous can also refer to something that is clear, transparent, or crystal-like, implying a sense of purity and brilliance.

The word "nitidous" finds its origins in the Latin term "nitidus," which means "bright" or "clean." It gained popularity during the Renaissance and has been used to describe a variety of objects, such as polished metals, mirrors, gemstones, or even a well-groomed person. The term's usage can extend beyond physical appearances and can be employed metaphorically to describe concepts or ideas that are well-formed, well-defined, or exceptionally clear.

When used to describe a person, "nitidous" refers to someone who takes great care in their appearance, striving for a flawless and polished look. This can encompass well-styled hair, immaculate clothing, and overall dapper presentation. Alternatively, it can signify a person's radiant character, displaying a positive attitude, enthusiasm, and charm.

Overall, in its essence, "nitidous" characterizes the qualities of brightness, polish, and radiance, whether pertaining to physical appearances, objects, or even personal attributes.

Common Misspellings for NITIDOUS

  • bitidous
  • mitidous
  • jitidous
  • hitidous
  • nutidous
  • njtidous
  • nktidous
  • notidous
  • n9tidous
  • n8tidous
  • niridous
  • nifidous
  • nigidous
  • niyidous
  • ni6idous
  • ni5idous
  • nitudous
  • nitjdous
  • nitkdous
  • nitodous

Etymology of NITIDOUS

The word nitidous is derived from the Latin word nitidus, which means bright, shining, or glittering. It is derived from the verb nitere, meaning to shine or to glitter. The Latin root nitidus was adopted into English, forming the adjective nitid to describe something that is bright, shining, or polished. The suffix -ous is added to form nitidous as an adjective, meaning having the quality of nitid or resembling nitid.


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