How Do You Spell NITPICKED?

The word "nitpicked" is spelled with a double "t". The first syllable is pronounced /nɪt/, like the word "nit" (as in a lice egg), and the second syllable is pronounced /pɪkt/, like "picked" (as in "picked" up). The double "t" in the middle of the word represents the past tense marker "-ed". The word means to find fault with small, unimportant details or to criticize excessively. It is important to spell this word correctly to ensure effective communication in written contexts.

Common Misspellings for NITPICKED

Similar spelling words for NITPICKED

3 words made out of letters NITPICKED

7 letters

Conjugate verb Nitpicked


I would nitpick
we would nitpick
you would nitpick
he/she/it would nitpick
they would nitpick


I will nitpick
we will nitpick
you will nitpick
he/she/it will nitpick
they will nitpick


I will have nitpicked
we will have nitpicked
you will have nitpicked
he/she/it will have nitpicked
they will have nitpicked


I nitpicked
we nitpicked
you nitpicked
he/she/it nitpicked
they nitpicked


I had nitpicked
we had nitpicked
you had nitpicked
he/she/it had nitpicked
they had nitpicked


I nitpick
we nitpick
you nitpick
he/she/it nitpicks
they nitpick


I have nitpicked
we have nitpicked
you have nitpicked
he/she/it has nitpicked
they have nitpicked
I am nitpicking
we are nitpicking
you are nitpicking
he/she/it is nitpicking
they are nitpicking
I was nitpicking
we were nitpicking
you were nitpicking
he/she/it was nitpicking
they were nitpicking
I will be nitpicking
we will be nitpicking
you will be nitpicking
he/she/it will be nitpicking
they will be nitpicking
I have been nitpicking
we have been nitpicking
you have been nitpicking
he/she/it has been nitpicking
they have been nitpicking
I had been nitpicking
we had been nitpicking
you had been nitpicking
he/she/it had been nitpicking
they had been nitpicking
I will have been nitpicking
we will have been nitpicking
you will have been nitpicking
he/she/it will have been nitpicking
they will have been nitpicking
I would have nitpicked
we would have nitpicked
you would have nitpicked
he/she/it would have nitpicked
they would have nitpicked
I would be nitpicking
we would be nitpicking
you would be nitpicking
he/she/it would be nitpicking
they would be nitpicking
I would have been nitpicking
we would have been nitpicking
you would have been nitpicking
he/she/it would have been nitpicking
they would have been nitpicking


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