How Do You Spell NITPICKS?

Pronunciation: [nˈɪtpɪks] (IPA)

The word "nitpicks" is spelled with a silent "k" at the end, which can be confusing for English learners. The IPA phonetic transcription for "nitpicks" is /ˈnɪt.pɪks/, with emphasis on the first syllable. The "i" in the first syllable is pronounced as in "sit," while the "i" in the second syllable is an unstressed vowel pronounced as in "hit." The "ck" at the end is not pronounced separately, but instead, the "s" sound is prolonged. Nitpicking is a common behavior of finding small faults that are not significant.

NITPICKS Meaning and Definition

Nitpicks, a noun typically used in informal or colloquial contexts, refers to small or trivial criticisms or complaints made about minor or insignificant details. It signifies the act of pointing out insignificant flaws, usually in a meticulous or hypercritical manner. The term "nitpick" is often employed to describe someone who becomes excessively focused on minute imperfections or trivial faults, often missing the bigger picture or more pressing issues at hand.

Nitpicks can encompass various aspects of daily life, such as personal appearance, behavior, performance, or any other subject matter open to evaluation. These petty criticisms tend to be unrelated to the core or fundamental aspects of a subject matter, instead concentrating on unimportant or negligible details that hold little relevance. Rather than addressing significant concerns or offering constructive feedback, individuals who nitpick tend to dwell on insignificant faults and use them as a means to express their dissatisfaction or to exert control over a situation or person.

While nitpicks may have a place in some contexts, such as quality control or attention to detail in specific professions, they can also be perceived as irritating, unnecessary, or frustrating. Nitpicking often generates a sense of unnecessary negativity, leading to a lack of productivity or progress in discussions or activities. It may also strain relationships or create a tense atmosphere, as people on the receiving end may perceive nitpicking as a form of excessive criticism or even harassment.

Common Misspellings for NITPICKS

Etymology of NITPICKS

The word "nitpick" originated from two separate words: "nit" and "pick", each with its own etymology.

The word "nit" dates back to the 15th century and stems from the Old English word "hnitu", which means a small insect or parasite. It specifically refers to the eggs or young form of lice or other insects. Over time, "nit" came to be associated with something tiny or insignificant.

The word "pick" comes from the Middle English word "piken", which means to prick or peck. It has Germanic roots and is related to similar words in Old High German and Old Norse. In the context of "nitpick", "pick" means to find faults or criticize in a fussy or meticulous manner.

Combining these two words, "nitpick" came about in the early 20th century, describing the act of finding and pointing out trivial faults or criticisms.

Similar spelling words for NITPICKS

Conjugate verb Nitpicks


I would nitpick
we would nitpick
you would nitpick
he/she/it would nitpick
they would nitpick


I will nitpick
we will nitpick
you will nitpick
he/she/it will nitpick
they will nitpick


I will have nitpicked
we will have nitpicked
you will have nitpicked
he/she/it will have nitpicked
they will have nitpicked


I nitpicked
we nitpicked
you nitpicked
he/she/it nitpicked
they nitpicked


I had nitpicked
we had nitpicked
you had nitpicked
he/she/it had nitpicked
they had nitpicked


I nitpick
we nitpick
you nitpick
he/she/it nitpicks
they nitpick


I have nitpicked
we have nitpicked
you have nitpicked
he/she/it has nitpicked
they have nitpicked
I am nitpicking
we are nitpicking
you are nitpicking
he/she/it is nitpicking
they are nitpicking
I was nitpicking
we were nitpicking
you were nitpicking
he/she/it was nitpicking
they were nitpicking
I will be nitpicking
we will be nitpicking
you will be nitpicking
he/she/it will be nitpicking
they will be nitpicking
I have been nitpicking
we have been nitpicking
you have been nitpicking
he/she/it has been nitpicking
they have been nitpicking
I had been nitpicking
we had been nitpicking
you had been nitpicking
he/she/it had been nitpicking
they had been nitpicking
I will have been nitpicking
we will have been nitpicking
you will have been nitpicking
he/she/it will have been nitpicking
they will have been nitpicking
I would have nitpicked
we would have nitpicked
you would have nitpicked
he/she/it would have nitpicked
they would have nitpicked
I would be nitpicking
we would be nitpicking
you would be nitpicking
he/she/it would be nitpicking
they would be nitpicking
I would have been nitpicking
we would have been nitpicking
you would have been nitpicking
he/she/it would have been nitpicking
they would have been nitpicking


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