How Do You Spell NIZA?

The word "niza" is a bit tricky when it comes to spelling. It is often misspelled as "nizza" or "nisa". However, the correct spelling is with a single "z". The IPA phonetic transcription for "niza" would be /ˈniza/. The "n" is pronounced as a regular "n" sound, followed by a long "ee" sound for the "i", and ending with a "z" sound made by placing the tongue between the teeth and exhaling. Remembering this simple pronunciation can ensure spelling accuracy for this word.

Common Misspellings for NIZA

  • n9za
  • n8za
  • hniza
  • nuiza
  • niuza
  • nkiza
  • nikza
  • n9iza
  • ni9za
  • n8iza
  • ni8za
  • nixza
  • nizxa
  • niaza
  • nizaa
  • nizza
  • nizaz
  • nizqa
  • nniza
  • n iza

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