How Do You Spell NOGS?

The common Christmas treat NOGS is spelled with a silent "G." The IPA Phonetics Transcription for this word is /nɔɡz/. The "N" sound comes first followed by "O" vowel sound that rhymes with "top." Then there is a "G" sound, which is not pronounced. Lastly, there is the plural "S" sound. This word is derived from "noggin," a small cup often used for alcoholic beverages like eggnog. NOGS are enjoyed during the festive season and are often made with eggnog, added spices, and a dash of liquor.

Common Misspellings for NOGS

  • nokgs
  • nolgs
  • n0ogs
  • no0gs
  • n9ogs
  • no9gs
  • nofgs
  • nogfs
  • novgs
  • nogvs
  • nogzs
  • nogsz
  • nogxs
  • nogsx
  • nogws
  • nogsw
  • nnogs
  • noogs
  • knowgs
  • n ogs
  • no gs

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