How Do You Spell NOTCH?

Pronunciation: [nˈɒt͡ʃ] (IPA)

The word "notch" is spelled with the letter "o" followed by "tch". The IPA phonetic transcription for this word is /nɑtʃ/. The "o" is pronounced as the vowel sound in "not", while the "tch" is pronounced as the "ch" sound in "chew". This two-letter combination creates a unique sound that is often spelled incorrectly as "natch" or "notsh". To ensure proper spelling, remember that the "o" and "tch" must be placed together in this order.

NOTCH Meaning and Definition

  1. Notch is a noun that can have multiple meanings depending on the context in which it is used. As a general definition, a notch refers to a V-shaped or angular cut or indentation made on the edge or surface of an object. It is a small incision, groove, or indentation that is often purposefully made for functional or decorative purposes.

    In woodworking and carpentry, a notch is a cut made on the edge or surface of a wooden plank to allow it to fit or interlock with another piece or to create a joint. Notches are also commonly found on tools such as saw blades or knives, where they improve their grip or functionality.

    Another usage of the term is when referring to a narrow pass or gap, usually found between mountains or hills. In this sense, a notch can indicate a pathway, passage, or a narrow opening. It is commonly associated with mountain ranges, where a notch is a gap or col that separates two peaks.

    Notch can also describe a level or degree of achievement, quality, or success. In this context, it represents a significant, remarkable, or distinguished accomplishment or achievement. It signifies reaching a higher standard, surpassing expectations, or distinguishing oneself from others.

    Furthermore, the word "notch" is sometimes used informally to describe a measure or degree of something. It can reflect the intensity, quality, or magnitude of a certain attribute or characteristic. For example, one might say, "The temperature reached a notch higher today," indicating that it rose slightly above a previous reading or average.

  2. An indentation at the edge of any structure, emargination, incisura.

    A practical medical dictionary. By Stedman, Thomas Lathrop. Published 1920.

  3. • A hollow cut; a nick.
    • To cut in small hollows.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Etymology of NOTCH

The word "notch" originated from the Old English word "noecc" or "noce", which referred to a "nick" or "little cut". This Old English term can be traced back to the Proto-Germanic word "knukjon", meaning "to knock" or "to strike". The word eventually evolved into "noc" in Middle English, and later transformed into "notch" in Modern English. The concept of a "notch" has retained its meaning of a small, V-shaped indentation or incision throughout its linguistic evolution.

Idioms with the word NOTCH

  • notch above The idiom "notch above" refers to something or someone being of a higher or superior quality or standard in comparison to others. It suggests that the subject is one level or step higher in excellence or superiority.
  • a notch below sb/sth The idiom "a notch below sb/sth" means to be slightly lower in rank, quality, or importance compared to someone or something else. It implies being just a little bit inferior or below someone or something in a particular aspect.
  • notch below (sm or sth) The idiom "notch below" is used to describe something or someone that is slightly lower in quality, importance, or level compared to another thing or person. It implies that the thing or person being referred to is just one step below the one being compared to.
  • take one's belt in (a notch) The idiom "take one's belt in (a notch)" means to make a conscious effort to reduce spending or consumption, typically due to financial constraints or the need for discipline. It refers to the act of tightening a belt by pulling it one notch tighter, which symbolizes a more frugal approach or a greater level of self-restraint.
  • top notch The idiom "top notch" refers to something of the highest quality or standard. It is used to describe someone or something that is exceptionally good or superior to others in a specific field or category.
  • notch above (sm or sth) The idiom "notch above (someone or something)" means to be at a higher level or surpass someone or something in terms of quality, skill, or performance. It refers to having a slight advantage or being superior in a specific aspect.
  • notch sth up The idiom "notch sth up" means to achieve or secure something noteworthy, typically in a gradual or incremental manner. It often implies getting a success or victory by adding to a series of accomplishments or progress.
  • be brought down a notch (or two) The idiom "be brought down a notch (or two)" means to have one's ego, confidence, or arrogance reduced or humbled. It implies that someone who was previously proud, boastful, or overly confident is now being humbled or made to feel less superior.
  • a notch in (someone's) bedpost The idiom "a notch in (someone's) bedpost" refers to the idea of someone using someone else, typically for a sexual encounter, and then adding them as another conquest or achievement to their list of past experiences. It implies a mindset of objectifying and devaluing others as mere accomplishments or trophies.
  • a notch on (someone's) bedpost The idiom "a notch on (someone's) bedpost" refers to a casual sexual encounter or conquest that a person can boast or take pride in. It implies that each sexual encounter is represented by a notch on a metaphorical bedpost, symbolizing a tally or mark of conquests or experiences.
  • be pulled down a notch (or two) The idiom "be pulled down a notch (or two)" means to have one's ego, arrogance, or overconfidence deflated or diminished. It implies that someone is being humbled, usually through criticism, failure, or a setback that forces them to reassess their position or realize their limitations.
  • notch below The idiom "notch below" refers to something or someone being slightly less in quality, status, importance, or performance compared to another thing or person. It implies that the subject is one level or degree lower in a specific aspect.
  • a notch in (someone's) belt The idiom "a notch in (someone's) belt" generally refers to an accomplishment or success that someone can take pride in or uses as a personal achievement. It originates from the practice of adding a notch to a belt to keep track of notable accomplishments, particularly in terms of romantic conquests or victories in competition. Thus, figuratively, adding a "notch in the belt" represents adding another accomplishment to a list of achievements.
  • a notch on (someone's) belt The idiom "a notch on (someone's) belt" refers to a symbolic achievement or conquest that someone has accomplished. It originated from the practice of keeping score by making notches on a belt, usually representing successful ventures, conquests, or romantic interests. In a figurative sense, it suggests adding another accolade, achievement, or victory to one's list of accomplishments.
  • pull one’s belt in a notch The idiom "pull one's belt in a notch" typically refers to the act of reducing one's expenses or living more frugally in times of financial limitation or difficulty. It can be understood as tightening one's financial belt by restraining or cutting back on spending habits to adjust to a stricter budget or economic situation.
  • take one’s belt in a notch The idiom "take one’s belt in a notch" means to reduce or tighten one's spending or lifestyle, typically due to financial constraints or the need for more discipline. It implies the act of making adjustments or sacrifices to adhere to a stricter budget or conserve resources.
  • bring (someone) down a notch (or two) The idiom "bring (someone) down a notch (or two)" is typically used when referring to an individual who is perceived as having an arrogant or inflated ego. It means to humble or lower their self-importance or confidence by criticizing or undermining them in a way that makes them more aware of their flaws or limitations.
  • be taken down a notch (or two) The idiom "be taken down a notch (or two)" refers to someone being humbled, brought down in status, or having their ego deflated after being overly arrogant, boastful, or conceited. It implies that the person's sense of superiority or self-importance is reduced or diminished.
  • be knocked down a notch (or two) The idiom "be knocked down a notch (or two)" means to be humbled or brought back to a more realistic or appropriate level. It is often used to describe someone who has been arrogant, boastful, or overly confident and is then met with a situation or criticism that forces them to reconsider their self-importance.
  • knock (someone) down a notch (or two) The idiom "knock (someone) down a notch (or two)" means to deflate someone's ego or humiliate them, usually by showing them that they are not as skilled or important as they believe themselves to be. It refers to an act of bringing someone's overconfidence, arrogance, or superiority complex to a more realistic and grounded level.

Similar spelling words for NOTCH

Plural form of NOTCH is NOTCHES

Conjugate verb Notch


I would have notched
you would have notched
he/she/it would have notched
we would have notched
they would have notched
I would have notch
you would have notch
he/she/it would have notch
we would have notch
they would have notch


I would have been notching
you would have been notching
he/she/it would have been notching
we would have been notching
they would have been notching


I would notch
you would notch
he/she/it would notch
we would notch
they would notch


I would be notching
you would be notching
he/she/it would be notching
we would be notching
they would be notching


I will notch
you will notch
he/she/it will notch
we will notch
they will notch


I will be notching
you will be notching
he/she/it will be notching
we will be notching
they will be notching


I will have notched
you will have notched
he/she/it will have notched
we will have notched
they will have notched


I will have been notching
you will have been notching
he/she/it will have been notching
we will have been notching
they will have been notching


you notch
we let´s notch


to notch


I was notching
you were notching
he/she/it was notching
we were notching
they were notching




I had notched
you had notched
he/she/it had notched
we had notched
they had notched


I had been notching
you had been notching
he/she/it had been notching
we had been notching
they had been notching


I notch
you notch
he/she/it notches
we notch
they notch


I am notching
you are notching
he/she/it is notching
we are notching
they are notching




I have notched
you have notched
he/she/it has notched
we have notched
they have notched


I have been notching
you have been notching
he/she/it has been notching
we have been notching
they have been notching


he/she/it notch


I notched
you notched
he/she/it notched
we notched
they notched


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