How Do You Spell NUB?

Pronunciation: [nˈʌb] (IPA)

The word "nub" is spelled with three letters: N, U, and B. It is pronounced as /nʌb/ according to IPA phonetic transcription. The letter "N" is pronounced as /n/, followed by the letter "U" pronounced as /ʌ/. The final letter "B" is pronounced as /b/. The word "nub" can be used to refer to a small, rounded or pointed part that sticks out from the surface of an object. Usage of this word dates back to the 17th century.

NUB Meaning and Definition

  1. noun

    1. a small, rounded, or blunt part of an object that remains after the main body or bulk has been removed, often referring to a stub-like projection or protuberance.

    2. a core or essential part of something; the crux or essence of an issue or matter.

    3. a small or insignificant part of a whole; a minor detail or aspect.

    4. a knob or button, especially on electronic devices or instruments, used for control or manipulation.

    5. (slang) a derogatory term used to refer to a person who lacks intelligence, skill, or competence; a fool or simpleton.

    In its literal sense, "nub" often refers to a small protuberant part remaining after the main body or bulk has been removed. This can apply to various objects such as a nub on a bone, a nub of a pencil eraser, or even a nub on a plant stem. Moreover, in a figurative sense, "nub" can represent the core or essential part of something. For example, in a complex discussion or argument, the "nub" refers to the central point or key issue. Additionally, "nub" can also indicate a minor or insignificant part of a whole, an obscure detail or an incidental aspect. In the context of technology, a "nub" can represent a knob or button on electronic devices, used for control or manipulation. The term is also used colloquially as an insult, referring to an unintelligent or incompetent person.

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Etymology of NUB

The word "nub" originated from Middle English and has uncertain etymology. It's suggested to possibly derive from Old Norse "gnubba", meaning a lump or knob. Another theory proposes its connection to the Old English word "hnapp", which means a button or a stud. However, the exact origin remains unclear.

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Plural form of NUB is NUBS


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