How Do You Spell OBEDIENTLY?

Pronunciation: [ə͡ʊbˈiːdi͡əntli] (IPA)

The word "obediently" is spelled as /oʊˈbiːdiəntli/. It consists of four syllables, with the primary stress falling on the second syllable. The "o" sound in "obedient" is pronounced as /oʊ/, followed by the "b" sound /b/ and the long "e" sound /iː/. The "d" sound /d/ is followed by the schwa sound /ə/ and the "nt" sound /nt/. Finally, the word ends with the long "e" sound /li/. Overall, the spelling of "obediently" is consistent with its pronunciation.

OBEDIENTLY Meaning and Definition

  1. Obediently is an adverb that describes the manner of behaving or acting in a submissive, compliant, or dutiful way. It pertains to the act of showing obedience or compliance towards an authority figure, societal norms, rules, or instructions.

    Someone who acts obediently follows orders, directions, or guidelines without hesitation or resistance. They exhibit a cooperative and submissively compliant behavior, willingly adhering to the commands or requests of those in a position of authority.

    An obedient person displays respect, deference, and discipline towards those they consider superior, ensuring their actions align with the expectations placed upon them. They typically prioritize the demands or wishes of others above their own, seeking to fulfill the requirements or instructions given to them diligently.

    Furthermore, an individual who acts obediently may cautiously conform to a set of established societal norms, cultural practices, or traditions. They strive to adhere to the accepted standards or guidelines, often to maintain harmony or avoid conflict within their community or social circle.

    Overall, being obediently signifies a willingness to cooperate, comply, and follow instructions or rules without challenging or questioning them. It implies a self-disciplined, submissive demeanor, reflecting an individual's adherence to authority, norms, or expectations placed upon them by others.

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Etymology of OBEDIENTLY

The word "obediently" can be traced back to its root word "obedient", which derives from the Middle English word "obedient" and the Old French word "obeissant". These words, in turn, stem from the Latin word "obedientem", which is the present participle form of "obedire". "Obedire" is composed of two Latin elements: "ob", meaning "to" or "towards", and "audire", meaning "to hear" or "to listen". The word "obedire" thus originally conveyed the idea of "listening or hearing keenly, and following the commands or wishes of another". Over time, "obedient" evolved into "obediently", which is an adverb formed by adding the suffix "-ly" to the adjective.

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