Pronunciation: [ɒbstɹˈʌkʃənz] (IPA)

The word "obstructions" means something that blocks, hinders or obstructs. It is pronounced as /əbˈstrʌkʃənz/ with the first syllable "ob" sounding like "uhb". The second syllable "struc" sounds like "struhk" and "tions" sounds like "shuhnz". The spelling of "obstructions" follows the usual rule for words ending in "tion" - the "t" and "i" are followed by an "o" which makes the "shun" sound. The double "s" after "obstruct" indicates that the stress is on the first syllable.

OBSTRUCTIONS Meaning and Definition

Obstructions, noun:

1. Objects or barriers that impede or hinder physical movement, progress, or the normal course of something. These may include physical structures, objects, or substances that block or obstruct a pathway, road, or passage, preventing or slowing down the movement of people, vehicles, or objects. Examples of obstructions can range from fallen trees and debris on a road after a storm to barricades set up during protests.

2. In a metaphorical sense, obstructions refer to obstacles or hindrances that hinder the progress or achievement of a goal, task, or action. These can be challenges, difficulties, or barriers that create delays or prevent something from reaching completion. Obstructions can take various forms, such as legal or bureaucratic impediments, conflicting opinions, lack of resources, or personal limitations.

3. In sports, obstructions typically refer to an act or tactic by a player that illegally obstructs or impedes the progress of an opponent, thereby interfering with fair play. This often applies to games like soccer, hockey, or basketball in which impeding the movement of an opponent without direct contact is considered a violation of the rules.

Overall, the word "obstructions" describes physical or metaphorical barriers, obstacles, or impediments that prevent or hinder the free movement, progress, or achievement of something or someone.

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The word obstructions has Latin origins. It comes from the Latin word obstructio, which is derived from the verb obstruere, meaning to block or build against. The Latin verb is a combination of ob, meaning against, and struere, meaning to build. Over time, this Latin term was adopted into English, retaining its meaning of hindering or impeding progress, hence obstructions.

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