How Do You Spell OCTANT?

The word "octant" is spelled as /ˈɑːktənt/ using the IPA phonetic transcription. This word refers to a mathematical instrument used for navigation or surveying purposes. It is typically an eighth part of a full circle. The first syllable of "octant" is pronounced as "ahk", which is similar to the vowel sound in "car". The second syllable is pronounced as "tuhnt", rhyming with the word "hunt". Overall, it is a straightforward and easy word to spell and pronounce.

Common Misspellings for OCTANT

  • ictant
  • kctant
  • lctant
  • pctant
  • 0ctant
  • 9ctant
  • oxtant
  • ovtant
  • oftant
  • odtant
  • ocrant
  • ocfant
  • ocgant
  • ocyant
  • oc6ant
  • oc5ant
  • octznt
  • octsnt
  • octwnt
  • octqnt

Similar spelling words for OCTANT

Plural form of OCTANT is OCTANTS

40 words made out of letters OCTANT

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