How Do You Spell OD?

The spelling of the word "od" may appear confusing, as it is just two letters, one of which is a vowel. However, it is important to note that the phonetic transcription of "od" is /ɒd/. In English, the letter "o" can represent different vowel sounds depending on the word and the phonetic context. In this case, "o" represents the sound /ɒ/, which is similar to the "aw" sound in "law" or "saw." Thus, "od" is correctly spelled according to the phonetics of the English language.

Common Misspellings for OD

Similar spelling words for OD

Plural form of OD is ODS

2 words made out of letters OD

2 letters

Conjugate verb Od


I would OD
we would OD
you would OD
he/she/it would OD
they would OD


I will OD
we will OD
you will OD
he/she/it will OD
they will OD


I will have OD'ed
we will have OD'ed
you will have OD'ed
he/she/it will have OD'ed
they will have OD'ed


I OD'ed
we OD'ed
you OD'ed
he/she/it OD'ed
they OD'ed


I had OD'ed
we had OD'ed
you had OD'ed
he/she/it had OD'ed
they had OD'ed


we OD
you OD
he/she/it OD's
they OD


I have OD'ed
we have OD'ed
you have OD'ed
he/she/it has OD'ed
they have OD'ed
I am OD'ing
we are OD'ing
you are OD'ing
he/she/it is OD'ing
they are OD'ing
I was OD'ing
we were OD'ing
you were OD'ing
he/she/it was OD'ing
they were OD'ing
I will be OD'ing
we will be OD'ing
you will be OD'ing
he/she/it will be OD'ing
they will be OD'ing
I have been OD'ing
we have been OD'ing
you have been OD'ing
he/she/it has been OD'ing
they have been OD'ing
I had been OD'ing
we had been OD'ing
you had been OD'ing
he/she/it had been OD'ing
they had been OD'ing
I will have been OD'ing
we will have been OD'ing
you will have been OD'ing
he/she/it will have been OD'ing
they will have been OD'ing
I would have OD'ed
we would have OD'ed
you would have OD'ed
he/she/it would have OD'ed
they would have OD'ed
I would be OD'ing
we would be OD'ing
you would be OD'ing
he/she/it would be OD'ing
they would be OD'ing
I would have been OD'ing
we would have been OD'ing
you would have been OD'ing
he/she/it would have been OD'ing
they would have been OD'ing


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