How Do You Spell ODOR?

Correct spelling for the English word "odor" is [ˈəʊ_d_ə], [ˈə͡ʊdə], [ˈə‍ʊdə]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Similar spelling words for ODOR

Plural form of ODOR is ODORS

Anagrams of ODOR

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Usage Examples for ODOR

  1. You may say that it was the wound that gave the odor, but I do not think so. - "Kari the Elephant" by Dhan Gopal Mukerji
  2. Like the first witness, he recognized the odor of chloroform, and thought there was something else besides. - "A Republic Without a President and Other Stories" by Herbert Ward
  3. How luxurious it felt to rest thus in a strange, quaint bed, with its sweet country odor of laurel lingering about the sheets and mattress! - "The Awakening and Selected Short Stories" by Kate Chopin
  4. The horse and mule feared the sight of them; they sniffed a bad odor. - "Myths and Legends of the Great Plains" by Unknown
  5. Alicia affectionately pressed his hand; and now more strongly than ever he breathed that violet odor which had perfumed all his dreams of theft. - "Their Son; The Necklace" by Eduardo Zamacois