How Do You Spell OIS?

The word "OIS" is spelled using three letters: O, I, and S. The IPA phonetic transcription of this word is /ɔɪs/, which represents the sounds made as "aw-ee-s" when pronounced slowly. The "O" sound is pronounced as a short "aw" sound, while the "I" sound is pronounced as a long "ee" sound. The "S" sound at the end of the word is pronounced as a sharp hissing sound. With this knowledge, one can easily spell and pronounce the word "OIS".

Common Misspellings for OIS

  • 0is
  • ojs
  • o8s
  • oiz
  • oiis
  • okis
  • 0ois
  • o0is
  • 9ois
  • o9is
  • oius
  • ojis
  • oijs
  • oiks
  • oois
  • oi9s
  • o8is
  • oi8s
  • oizs
  • oisz
  • oixs
  • oisx
  • oisd
  • oiws
  • oisw
  • OIq
  • o is
  • oi s

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