The word "onedimensional" has a unique spelling, with an emphasis on the "di" and "men" syllables. In IPA phonetic transcription, the word is written as /ˌwʌn.dɪˈmɛn.ʃən.əl/. The "o" in the beginning is pronounced like "wun" in the IPA, with the "di" stressed and pronounced like "dih". The "men" syllable is pronounced like "mehn" in the IPA. Finally, the "shun" syllable is written with "-shən" in the IPA transcription, with the emphasis on the "sh".

Common Misspellings for ONEDIMENSIONAL

  • one-dimensional
  • inedimensional
  • knedimensional
  • lnedimensional
  • pnedimensional
  • 0nedimensional
  • 9nedimensional
  • obedimensional
  • omedimensional
  • ojedimensional
  • ohedimensional
  • onwdimensional
  • onsdimensional
  • onddimensional
  • onrdimensional
  • on4dimensional
  • on3dimensional
  • onesimensional
  • oneximensional
  • onecimensional

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