How Do You Spell ONET?

The spelling of the word "ONET" may seem unusual, but is actually quite straightforward when broken down phonetically. The initial "O" sound is pronounced as a long "o" (IPA symbol /oʊ/) followed by the vowel "e" (IPA symbol /ɛ/), both of which are found in the English language. The final "T" (IPA symbol /t/) is also a common sound in English. Altogether, the word "ONET" is pronounced as /oʊnɛt/ and refers to the Occupational Information Network, a database of employment opportunities and job skills.

Common Misspellings for ONET

  • on4t
  • on3t
  • 0onet
  • o0net
  • o9net
  • ojnet
  • onhet
  • on4et
  • one4t
  • one3t
  • onetg
  • one6t
  • onet6
  • one5t
  • onet5
  • on et

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