How Do You Spell OPINES?

Correct spelling for the English word "opines" is [əʊ_p_ˈaɪ_n_z], [ə͡ʊpˈa͡ɪnz], [ə‍ʊpˈa‍ɪnz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for OPINES

Below is the list of 192 misspellings for the word "opines".

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Anagrams of OPINES

6 letters

  • ponies.

5 letters

4 letters

Usage Examples for OPINES

  1. And Miss Amy, who is not a close observer of life, opines that the skirt belongs to Miss Janey Manvers, but Miss Blinkett senior instantly identifies it as Annette's new spotted muslin, which she had seen Mrs. Nicholls " getting up" last week. - "Notwithstanding" by Mary Cholmondeley
  2. So, apropos of the Aristophanic comedy, he took down Aristophanes, and said, 'What a high idea of Athenian comedy is given by this single line, in which the poet opines " the bringing out of comedy to be the most difficult of all arts." - "Gryll Grange" by Thomas Love Peacock Commentator: George Saintsbury

Conjugate verb Opines


I would opine
we would opine
you would opine
he/she/it would opine
they would opine


I will opine
we will opine
you will opine
he/she/it will opine
they will opine


I will have opined
we will have opined
you will have opined
he/she/it will have opined
they will have opined


I opined
we opined
you opined
he/she/it opined
they opined


I had opined
we had opined
you had opined
he/she/it had opined
they had opined


I opine
we opine
you opine
he/she/it opines
they opine


I have opined
we have opined
you have opined
he/she/it has opined
they have opined
I am opining
we are opining
you are opining
he/she/it is opining
they are opining
I was opining
we were opining
you were opining
he/she/it was opining
they were opining
I will be opining
we will be opining
you will be opining
he/she/it will be opining
they will be opining
I have been opining
we have been opining
you have been opining
he/she/it has been opining
they have been opining
I had been opining
we had been opining
you had been opining
he/she/it had been opining
they had been opining
I will have been opining
we will have been opining
you will have been opining
he/she/it will have been opining
they will have been opining
I would have opined
we would have opined
you would have opined
he/she/it would have opined
they would have opined
I would be opining
we would be opining
you would be opining
he/she/it would be opining
they would be opining
I would have been opining
we would have been opining
you would have been opining
he/she/it would have been opining
they would have been opining