What are the antonyms for A1?

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  1. And you've been an A1 chum to me and I wish I wasn't going off without saying good- bye to you decently. - "Left Guard Gilbert" by Ralph Henry Barbour
  2. Hendrik's credit at once jumped into the A1 class. - "H. R." by Edwin Lefevre
  3. " He's done it A1," Michael said, more coldly. - "There was a King in Egypt" by Norma Lorimer
  4. That is- you've got an A1 chance with her. - "Delia Blanchflower" by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  5. Heat a zone on the other tube at the point where the drawn- out portion commences and expand as shown by a1. The next stage is to join the tubes. - "A Handbook of Laboratory Glass-Blowing" by Bernard D. Bolas