What are the antonyms for ABBREVIATION?

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Usage Examples for ABBREVIATION

  1. This name bears a closer resemblance to the true one than several of the forty to which we have just referred, and if it be reduced to Kahkwa it would still be only a corrupt abbreviation of Niagara. - "The Falls of Niagara and Other Famous Cataracts" by George W. Holley
  2. Abbreviation Left hand up, while the R foot is moving and the L hopping. - "The Highland Fling and How to Teach it." by Horatio N. Grant
  3. Abbreviation is his watchword; his drawings are a species of shorthand notations made at red- hot tempo, yet catching the soul of a situation. - "Promenades of an Impressionist" by James Huneker
  4. As she was rather small, the abbreviation with a diminutive termination was considered more appropriate, hence Oesedah became her common name. - "Indian Boyhood" by [AKA Ohiyesa], Charles A. Eastman
  5. We wondered where he lived, what his age was, and how he looked, it was not until quite late in boyhood that we learned that Anon was an abbreviation for anonymous, and that he was sometimes the best saint and at other times the most extraordinary villain. - "Around The Tea-Table" by T. De Witt Talmage