What are the antonyms for ABECEDARIAN?

  • analphabetic.
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Usage Examples for ABECEDARIAN

  1. There they are staring at you from the Table like so many abecedarian skeletons at the feast and if you take a furtive and hasty peep from the doorway and lift the green protective cloth you catch sight nearest you of a D M in close company with a beautifully cut W M T and a monogrammatic leech inside a bottle flanked by a J and an L and you gaze with deep interest on the handiwork of them and of the rest many of whom have carved their names as on that Table deep into England's roll of fame and of others too who with less of genius but equal zeal and effort have a strong claim on the gratitude and the recollection of a kindly and laughter loving people - "The History of "Punch"" by M. H. Spielmann
  2. If I could choose a picture of myself it would be at the time when I sat in a country school house and had a little Abecedarian that hung down her head and kept one thumb in her mouth stand at my knee learning letters beginning with the perpendicular reading on the alphabetical page and coming later in an eventful day to horizontal reading beginning of course with the monosyllabic and well remembered words Go on - "Revisiting the Earth" by James Langdon Hill
  3. Childhood the abecedarian may love to plant seeds to watch them spring grow and flower and to help them do so but that is the merest a b c of gardening and no more makes him an amateur in the art than spelling words of one letter makes him a poet - "The Amateur Garden" by George W. Cable