What are the antonyms for ABHORRED?

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Usage Examples for ABHORRED

  1. Then, since he abhorred emotional display, he continued, briskly: " Now call the dog. - "Laughing Bill Hyde and Other Stories" by Rex Beach
  2. Unsophisticated country girl as she was, she knew and abhorred gossip. - "The Sherrods" by George Barr McCutcheon
  3. I told him I detested, abhorred, loathed, hated him; that he might keep his riches, greatness, and ungainly self for those who wanted him; they were temptations too weak to move me. - "The Midnight Queen" by May Agnes Fleming
  4. He abhorred churches and charities, and flew into violent rages when any of his tenantry took the liberty of being poor and ill and needing assistance. - "Little Lord Fauntleroy" by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  5. Sooner than that, he would settle it on his cousin Richard, a gentleman he abhorred, and never called, either to his face or behind his back, by any other name than " Dissolute Dick." - "Put Yourself in His Place" by Charles Reade