Usage Examples for ABHORRENCE

  1. He read in her set face only abhorrence and condemnation, and felt in no way moved to argue her verdict. - "Nan of Music Mountain" by Frank H. Spearman
  2. Omar's attention was drawn, against his will, to this object of abhorrence, that murmured still, and stretched forth his arid hand. - "Tales From the 'Phantasus', etc. of Ludwig Tieck" by Ludwig Tieck
  3. She doubted whether, at sight of him, she could conceal sufficiently the abhorrence that she felt. - "The Rosie World" by Parker Fillmore
  4. This habit Joan of Arc seems to have held in great abhorrence. - "Joan of Arc" by Ronald Sutherland Gower
  5. Their hatred and abhorrence. - "Memoirs of Aaron Burr, Complete" by Matthew L. Davis