Usage Examples for ABIDE

  1. One of the most striking cases of this dread of which I know personally occurs in a large, rather masculine- looking woman, who cannot abide being in a room with a cat, and who is quite unable to do anything while one of these animals is within sight. - "Psychotherapy" by James J. Walsh
  2. At that he cried out aloud, " Abide, Sir knight of King Arthur's court, bring back again that lady or deliver her to me." - "The Legends Of King Arthur And His Knights" by James Knowles
  3. Property's property all over the world; and we must abide by the laws, or what's the good of the constitution? - "Our World, or, The Slaveholders Daughter" by F. Colburn Adams
  4. Such a very odd time to be reading an author whom she never could abide! - "The Author Of Beltraffio" by Henry James
  5. I know it, St. Georges said, and I must abide by my fate. - "In the Day of Adversity" by John Bloundelle-Burton