What are the antonyms for ABLAZE?

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Usage Examples for ABLAZE

  1. Lucas sprang forward hand on sword face ablaze with furious protest - "Helmet of Navarre" by Bertha Runkle
  2. While the opening in the clouds made by the discharge was not wide yet it sufficed to give us a view of a portion of the curving shore of the lake which was ablaze with electric lights - "Edison's Conquest of Mars" by Garrett Putman Serviss
  3. We're fighting tyranny all Cuba is ablaze - "Rainbow's End" by Rex Beach
  4. They are ablaze with evil - "The Pleasures of Ignorance" by Robert Lynd
  5. The south side of Market street from Ninth street to the bay was soon ablaze the fire covering a belt two blocks wide - "Complete Story of the San Francisco Horror" by Richard Linthicum Trumbull White Samuel Fallows