What are the antonyms for ABLOOM?

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Usage Examples for ABLOOM

  1. Little life has got to offer, and little man to lose, Since to- day Fate deigns to proffer, Oh wherefore, then, refuse To take this transient hour, in the dusky Temple gloom While the poppies are in flower, and the mangoe trees abloom. - "India's Love Lyrics" by Adela Florence Cory Nicolson (AKA Laurence Hope), et al.
  2. They break the flat lines of the landscape with all sorts of ingenious surprises; bosky barriers, hedges abloom, elm- trees pared away to imitate the processional poplars of Belgium and France, sudden little leafy lanes- what quips and quirks we have come across a few miles away from the town! - "Promenades of an Impressionist" by James Huneker
  3. Floating in a boat over a coral reef, as, for example, off the south coast of Florida or among the Bahamas, one looks down through clear water on thickets of branching coral shrubs perhaps as much as eight feet high, and hemispherical masses three or four feet thick, all abloom with countless minute flowerlike coral polyps, gorgeous in their colors of yellow, orange, green, and red. - "The Elements of Geology" by William Harmon Norton
  4. The promise of Spring had come to beautiful fulfilment, and the world was all abloom. - "A Spinner in the Sun" by Myrtle Reed
  5. Lilacs were abloom in every garden, and buttercups made the fields look yellow. - "My War Experiences in Two Continents" by Sarah Macnaughtan