What are the antonyms for ANOMALOUS?

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  1. For it began to dawn upon Rotha the woman, what had been utterly spurned in idea by Rotha the child, that this anomalous relation could not subsist always. - "A Letter of Credit" by Susan Warner
  2. At this point on each side, the lower portion of the coronal suture bends backward and continues as the anomalous suture; the upper portion of the coronal, particularly on the right, is completely obliterated, though still traceable. - "A Bilateral Division of the Parietal Bone in a Chimpanzee; with a Special Reference to the Oblique Sutures in the Parietal Bulletin of the AMNH, Vol. XIII, Article XXI, pp. 281-295, Dec. 31, 1900" by Ales Hrdlicka