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  1. A special effort was made to obtain authentic samples of practically all of the malt beers made in this country and also a large series of malt- and- rice and malt- and- corn beers. - "A Study Of American Beers and Ales" by L.M. Tolman J. Garfield Riley
  2. Biadi and Reumont give the date 26th of December, 1512, as that of the death of her husband, but Signor Milanesi, from more authentic sources, proves it to have been in 1516. A great deal has been said and written of the evil influence this woman had on him, and his very house bears an inscription recording his fame together with " affanni domestici," but it would seem that posterity has taken for truth more than the facts of the time imply. - "Fra Bartolommeo" by Leader Scott (Re-Edited By Horace Shipp And Flora Kendrick)