What are the antonyms for AUTHENTICALLY?

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Usage Examples for AUTHENTICALLY

  1. And she was interesting, she became fairly historic, with the drawing- out of the years, as almost the only survivor of that young band of the ardent and uplifted who had rallied in the other time to the " transcendental" standard, the movement for organised candour of conversation on almost all conceivable or inconceivable things which appeared, with whatever looseness, to find its prime inspirer in Emerson and become more familiarly, if a shade less authentically, vocal in Margaret Fuller. - "Notes of a Son and Brother" by Henry James
  2. Attestations and protests from foreign parts, regularly procured and authentically signified in due form, to pass in evidence; affidavits in due form likewise attested and done before proper magistrates within the king's dominions, to be allowed as evidence. - "An Essay Upon Projects" by Daniel Defoe