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  1. I will tell you how mother did: she had a pretty good- sized bell, that she kept on a table by her bedside, and every morning, as soon as her eyes were open, she would give such a peal with that old bell that all the servants on the premises knew that 'Mistress was awake and up, ' and bestirred themselves accordingly. - "Not Pretty, But Precious" by John Hay, et al.
  2. Wherefore the knight fell to telling how she had bestirred her to go seek her lord, and how she found him and brought him to Marseilles, and the great goodness and great services which she did him, even as the tale hath told afore, so that King Florus wondered much thereat; and he said to the knight privily that such a woman he would take with a good will. - "Old French Romances" by William Morris