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  1. Besides there are Moderns, who with a slight Variation adopt the Opinion of Plato, and as he would have Colour to be nothing but a Kind of Flame consisting of Minute Corpuscles as it were Darted by the Object against the Eye, to whose Pores their Littleness and Figure made them congruous, so these would have Colour to be an Internal Light of the more Lucid parts of the Object, Darkned and consequently Alter'd by the Various Mixtures of the less Luminous parts. - "Experiments and Considerations Touching Colours (1664)" by Robert Boyle
  2. If I incline to the less likely explanation of the " lights" at Llantrisant, it is merely because this explanation seems to me to be altogether congruous with the " remarkable occurrences" of the newspaper paragraph. - "The Great Return" by Arthur Machen