What are the antonyms for CURMUDGEON?

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  1. " You're the dullest old curmudgeon ever permitted to come into polite society," he declared, looking aggrieved. - "A Top-Floor Idyl" by George van Schaick
  2. Wait and see the deuce of a life I'll lead you, you old curmudgeon! - "The Petty Troubles of Married Life, Complete" by Honore de Balzac
  3. The curmudgeon cut her short. - "Skinner's Dress Suit" by Henry Irving Dodge
  4. He went further, for he had no lack of imagination, and proceeded to conjecture, that it was through the manoeuvreing of these very vagrants, that the old curmudgeon had been brought to Dymock's Tower, and following the connexion, he began to put together the appearance of the young blacksmith, the gipsy who had left Tamar at Shanty's, her second appearance and rapid disappearance, the coming of Mr. Salmon, his supposed riches, his strange whim of shutting himself up, and every other extraordinary circumstance, in a jumble even more inexplicable and confusing, than any of his previous speculations upon these events,- and when he had so done he put on his hat, and declared that he must go forthwith to Shanty. - "Shanty the Blacksmith; A Tale of Other Times" by Mrs. Sherwood [AKA: Mrs. Mary Martha Sherwood]
  5. If you do not credit what I say, come with me and be present at the little talk I hope to have with that curmudgeon. - "The Sea-Hawk" by Raphael Sabatini